How Is Technology Changing The World? – What To Expect In 2025?

The technology is changing the way we live and it is very interesting and fascinating to imagine that it will bring a very prosperous future. We can expect to live on Mars and as technology will bring many changes in the coming years we can expect some change that we can believe will took place in the year 2025. There are many inventions that are going to be a reality in the year 2025 and we are going to discuss some on them below.

The Disease Dementia will be Preventable

With the help of genetic mutation and human genome, it will be possible to detect and prevent many diseases like dementia and Alzheimer. This will be possible by detecting the problematic DNA. Technology will make it possible for doctors to fight with the biological decline of human mental capacity.

It is also expected that the methods of storing and harvesting will improve and the use of solar energy will be the source of primary energy on our planet.

Prevention of Type 1 Diabetes

By working extensively on human genome it will be possible for the engineers to find out the disease carrying the gene and it will be a great help to prevent Type 1 diabetes. With the advancement in the technology, doctors will be also to modify RNA and DNA sequences which are responsible for passing the disease.

Fluctuation in Food Price and Storage will no longer be a Problem

The advancement in technology and improvement in imaging and lighting will improve the production of crops and the problems of traditional farming will be totally eliminated in the year 2025. People will be able to grow the crops genetically indoor in a modified manner. Diseases and environmental issues will no longer be a problem for the growth of crops.