A perfect Way For Your Relaxation Is Here

Massage in round rock in a totally unique environment, where you can fully enjoy all the benefits of spa along with partying around with your friends. Yes! This all can be done perfectly on a single spot and that is Spa Social. It has been heard that the perfect time for making your dreams come true is the very first moment you are living right now, Amanda Lyles also had a dream of having a place where she can take good care of beauty along with enjoying a socially attached community. Keeping the fact in mind that we all are very busy in our daily schedules and in need of a place where we can relax with a group of some friends, she started the vision of “Social-Spaying” where everyone has the facility of having excellent spa in company of their very own friends.


According to Lyles, having multiple options over enjoying life is also an opportunity rather than having restrictions, so she decided to divide spa in different categories where:


Anti-Social Services

Anti-Social Services are an option of having SPA for those having la carte choice. Here, no matter whether you are a member of Spa Social or not, you are allowed to comfortably enjoy all the services equally. You are humbly invited to have facials, massages as well as manicures here or simply spa with group of your friends.



Massage in round rock and socialize with your friends as well, isn’t that a good idea for spending leisure time? Well of course, everybody will enjoy having fun while having some beauty treatments as well. Socialize services by Spa Social is a sort of a room which can be occupied for your private parties. These services include slippers, robes, access to enjoyable facilities like pool, steam baths, Jacuzzi, and above all this you will have the opportunity to spend quality time with your loved ones.



The SPA SOCIAL Society services are for those who are a member of Spa Social family. Be a part of this membership on monthly basis and get fabulous chances of being a part of various wonderful events.


Social Butterfly Packages

Butterfly Packages are a fantastic chance for you to enjoy parties with your own circle of friends whether in a single party room or multiple party rooms, and the extra services and beverages will make your party more colorful. So in last, it’s totally up to you whether you want to have some spa time for your own self or want to convert this spa into Social-Spaying, their aim is to facilitate you in all possible conditions.


Massage in round rock with socially recognized community of Spa Social and get attached with your loved ones every time you get free. Be a part of several award winning and well recognized family of Spa Social and make your SPA experience enjoyable. Don’t miss the chance of being one of those who are enjoying these all facilities on daily bases and partying around with their friends.

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