Wood Sander: Types And Features To Look Out For

Wood sanding helps in giving the wooden projects a nice and smooth finish. Sometimes it is done to make old wood clean and free from wood splinters. But the entire process of wood sanding can be tiring and tedious work. So to reduce the time consumption and struggles, one can use electric sanders like the best orbital sander or belt sander which will make the job easier.

Uses of wood sanders

The alternative of electronic sanders is using sandpaper, which is a good choice when the job is more intricate and powerful tools can damage the fine work. But for some situations, electronic sanders are the best choice to get that fine wood finished look. It is also an efficient method that saves time and multiple sandpaper costs. Some of the situations where these power tools are used are as follows:

  • Cabinetry making
  • Toy manufacturing
  • Furniture making
  • Staircase building

Features of sanders
The features in the electronic sanders were put to make the woodworkers’ job easy and safer, especially for non-professionals. The features are as follows:

  • Collection of wood dust: sanding always creates wood dust which can make the user’s job difficult. Thus keeping that in mind, most of the electronic sanders have inbuilt dust collecting bags.
  • Locking mechanism: with the help of this feature one can lock the electronic sander which is in motion and let it do its job hands-free. One can also lock it into a stationary position while they do other woodwork.
  • Grip: electronic sanders usually vibrate a lot so a good grip is important or it can ruin intricate details. So the sanders have soft grips, as it helps in having better control and hold on the device.
  • Speed control: most of the sanders have speed controls that can be set according to the need. Some also allow speed to adjust while in motion.

Types of sanders

Every type of sander has their own specialized purpose but the differences in these sanders is a very fine line, thus, they can be in a way used for every kind of wood finishing work. The types are as follows:

  • Random orbital sander: it is usually any professional woodworker first pick when it comes to sanders. The work of this powerful tool leaves no scratch marks and but only a satisfying gleam. The term random fits it’s non-predictable/ random motions in the best orbital sander.
  • Finishing sander: finishing sanders are required to give the woodwork its much-needed finishing gleam which the other three sanders cannot give.
  • Belt sander: belt sanders are used mostly when a large amount of aggressive sanding needs to be done in a short period. This sander helps in preparing the wood for further working by removing the initial roughness.
  • Disc sander: this electronic sander’s abrasive surface is disc-shaped. Disc sanders are the best tool to get rid of old paint or for rough work that even belt sander cannot do.

Final words

Using electronic sanders is best for big woodworks which can be done by both professional and non-professionals. The finished products are always satisfying and make the wood look brand new. It is up to the user which sander they use according to their needs.

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