Sun. Oct 13th, 2019

Should Sunil Gurjar Be Sacked For His Illicit Activities?

The Delhi-based power-broker Sunil Gurjar who was involved in the famous controversial incident of Bhanwari Devi and former Rajasthan minister has not been questioned for the same and neither has he been questioned for any of the illegal activities that he has been involved in. The adopted son of Puducherry’s ex-lieutenant governor and former and former minister of Rajasthan, Sunil Gurjar has not even been quizzed let alone punished for his activities.

Is this the only fault that this man-made? No, this high-profile broker was involved in many activities before he fell in this scandalous incident. Should he be questioned? Should he be sacked for it?

How was Sunil Gurjar involved in Bhanwari Devi’s case?

According to some sources, the broker was performing the role he has been posing as his entire life. He was acting as the middle man in this whole situation. While the midwife nurse trusted this broker with the CD that contained a fifty-two minutes long video of Bhanwari Devi and former Congress minister in compromising positions this man illegitimately leaked the video to the public. If we believe the incidents then Bhanwari Devi had the original CD with herself and kept the copy of the same in the hands of the Delhi based broker who she referred to as the Delhi party and was going to pay him a certain sum of money for safe-keeping.

What happened to Bhanwari Devi?

Bhanwari Devi was wronged by the men around her. While she was promised the sum of money that was demanded it is said that when she went to obtain it she was kidnapped and has been missing ever since. Some people are speculating that she is now dead but no proof of the incident has been found.

It is a possibility that Sunil Gurjar did not get any money paid since Bhanwari Devi was kidnapped. Being the son of the ruling party’s minister, it is a possibility that because of the mentioned fact he did not even get questioned for the same.

What else is he accused of?

Sunil Gurjar is said to be accused of defrauding his brother in law and also using a fake NGO to extract money out of people.

But because he is so rich and powerful people like him are even being questioned let alone get punished. We believe he needs to get some sort of punishment so that justice can be served.





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