Tue. Nov 19th, 2019

Big Fraud In The Name Of Tourism By UmaShankar Tiwari

In recent news coming out of the capital city of Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow, a whopping 2,727 Crores were duped by a group of people with the use of social media. One of the perpetrators of this surprisingly audacious fraud is one umashankar tiwari allahabad , who is presumed to be the leader among the fraudsters.

How was the fraud executed?

In the name of Kumbh mela, these fraudsters put out tenders on behalf of the Tourism department. These tenders were shown by them to be worth a whopping 2,727 crore rupees while in reality there were no such tenders out. Many people fell prey to this wicked plot and begin bidding for the contract to become theirs.

Under What name were the tenders put out?

These tenders were put out in the name of Dr. Rajiv Gupta and on the behalf of the tourism department. No employee by the name of Rajiv Gupta works in the tourism department umashankar tiwari prayagraj. These tenders were put out for the direction and production of a documentary film on behalf of the tourism industry among other vendors. Naturally, having the name of the tourism department in the tender made it believable and trustworthy for people who came forward to invest their money and bid.

Where were the tenders put out?

Social media can be put to great use if one wishes, similarly, it can be put to terrible use. These fraudsters used the tremendous connecting power of social media for their nefarious purposes and used it to great effect.

Many famous businessmen around the country fell prey to their plan and ended up losing enormous amounts of money. Social media spreads anything you put out there with great speed and efficiency. Within days, these tenders reached thousands of smartphones and pulled a hundred people deep into the pit of their fraud.

It is unsettling to see social media being put to such use with such great efficiency. The fraudsters went on the platform, pulled off a trick and disappeared with the money leaving the investors scratching their heads.


One must be careful while consuming any piece of information from social media. There is a lot of fraudulent stuff out there and it is hard to differentiate between what is true and what isn’t. Along with the enormous information-spreading aspect of social media, fraudsters on the platform are wicked and prey on the gullibility of people.

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