Tue. Nov 19th, 2019

Best Horror Movies You Must Watch

There are some great horror movies out there but not everyone can watch them. There are some individuals who just love the adrenaline rush that goes through their veins while they are watching a horror movie while there are also those individuals who can’t handle anything that is even a little scary.

Even though watching scary movies with friends in the middle of the night on 123movies free is fun but do not push anyone or force them to watch it with you if they don’t want to because movies can cause panic attacks as well so forcing someone isn’t something that you should do.

So if you are a horror lover and so are you friends and you want to watch something scary at midnight then there is a list of movies that you must most definitely watch. Almost all of them are available on 123movies free so don’t even worry about downloading or renting.

These are the best horror movies that you must watch before you die if you are a horror movie fan because these movies are just simply amazing and most of them are even based on  real life stories so that will most definitely give you chills.

1.      The Conjuring

This story plot of the movie is based on a real life story. The story revolves around the lives of the Perrons who recently moved to a farmhouse with their five daughters without knowing the history of the place. Supernatural forces begin to show themselves thus they are forced to take help from the paranormal investigators.

2.      The Exorcist

The story is about an exorcism performed on a young girl who begins to act strangely. She begins to speak differently, walk backwards and even float in the air. Her mom tend to get medical help but is unable to find a solution until the church sends a priest to perform an exorcism on the girl who he believes is possessed by the devil.

3.      Sinister

The story of the film is about a true crime write who is desperate to get a hit thus when he finds out that there is a snuff film in the murder of a family, he aims to solve the mystery behind it. In order to do so he moves his family to the victim’s house and begins his research until he figures out that there is a supernatural force living inside the house that might murder his family as well.

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