Tue. Nov 19th, 2019

Features that make a web hosting company more effective

There are several web hosting companies in the market that one can choose from for hosting their websites on the internet. All these web hosting companies provide with many features and services for their clients, also one can select from various types of packages of web hosting. All these packages have their own set of features and they all have different price tags. Depending upon one’s budget and requirement one can choose any package of their choice.

There are several features that one can avail from the best web hosting companies in India. These features make them stand out from the crowd and make them highly effective among their competitors. Some of these features are:

Easy to use control panel

Every web hosting company provides its clients with a control panel using which one can control and manage their websites. Key to great customer experience is when this control panel is simple and easy to understand for those clients who are not tech savvy. One should be able to handle different activities using the panel like e-mail set up, account set up, etc. one should also be able to handle the administrative aspects of the website seamlessly. One should be able to understand the panel as the interface should be self-explanatory.

Website builder

Other than hosting the websites the web hosting company should help in creating a good website with tools and techniques that they can provide. Website builder feature is very cost effective for the clients as they will not have to go to different service providers to get their website ready and then another one to host their website. The website built by the service provider should be easy to use with great interface, easily customizable and also should be built in a way that one can port it to other hosting plans.

Advertising credits

The web hosting company should provide with the tools for advertising so that their clients can promote their product and website cost-effectively. This allows the clients to place their website promoting ads on the search engines.

Domain for emails

Getting one’s own domain name for emails is a great feature that is helpful in promoting one’s website. The service provider should provide limitless email ID’s so that one can create ID’s for their employees as well.

E-commerce tools

Today there are many websites which are designed for e-commerce purposes because of the current advent of online retailing. Therefore a web hosting should have packages which are specialized for the e-commerce websites, so that they can provide clients with SSL certification, set up the modes f payments according to the client’s requirements and also provide them with shopping cart software.


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