Sun. Jul 21st, 2019

How To Buy And Use A Coccyx Cushion For Medicinal Purposes

The coccyx or the tailbone is the bone which is at the end of the spine. There can be many reasons for pain in the tailbone due to sitting in an improper position in improper surfaces. There are cushions that are specifically designed to rest the tailbone properly. It has a special cut out to make sure your tailbone is rested properly and it can relieve you from any such pain. This kind of cushion that is made for tailbone resting is called a coccyx cushion.

Using a coccyx cushion:

You must use the most comfortable cushion. It may vary for different purposes, buy them accordingly. Use the cushion only on a chair with a proper back. Try not to use it on other things like a stool without a backrest. Place the coccyx cushion directly on the hard surface. Do not use any other cushion in the middle. Keep the cushion clean. Most of the cushions are washable. Buy a washable cushion and remove the cover and put it in the washing machine. Make sure the cut faces the backside. That is how it is supposed to be placed. Buy or make a cushion with proper thickness for best results.

The medicinal uses:

Sitting for a long time in the same places may bring to you a lot of discomfort and pain. In such cases, you can use a coccyx cushion. You can use it for relief from acute pain in the spine or the tail bone. It is also used in the treatment of pain in the lower back. Most cushions are used to make you feel better if you have pain during pregnancy. Some of these cushions contain a medical gel which is very useful in pain relief. The gel makes the cushion softer. There is a gel insert in some pillows through which you can change the gel or squeeze it to cool it or warm it. There are also memory foam coccyx cushions which can make you feel very comfortable when you sit for a very long period in a single place.

The coccyx cushion also helps in even distribution of weight and makes sure you do not get the pain anymore. In case you are buying for a medicinal purpose, ask your physician for the dimensions and other details. You can order one and buy it online or you can also get it from medical websites or pharmacies.

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