Fri. Aug 23rd, 2019

When And Why Singles Day Is Celebrated

There are high chances that you are hearing something like Singles Day for the first time and you do not need to be worried because there are many people like you who do not know about this term. So Singles Day is celebrated by single people who are not in a relationship and they celebrate their single-hood on this day. The Singles Day has been celebrated on 11th of month November because it has the number 1111 which is four times one which symbolizes the singles in the world. Normally a party is hosted by a group of single people at a place where they celebrate their singlehood, this day is also celebrated by doing shopping and many companies give heavy discounts to single people on this day.

Where It Was Started From

This singles day was actually observed and started to celebrate in the country China and people over there who are single observed this on 11th of the month of November and claimed it to be a single day and started doing parties on this day to celebrate their singlehood, they admire and appreciate themselves for being single which is really a thing to celebrate so they do parties, go out shopping and socializing with people. This holiday in China has become one of the biggest holidays of the country and companies do a whole lot of business on this singles day while people shop and party in good numbers on this day.

When Was This Started

Well there is not any specified year mentioned of the start of this Singles Day but it is said that it was started in the 1990s by the men in the china who were single and they started celebrating on being single and since then it has become an every year event in China and people in huge numbers celebrate this day. Many companies have put their hands in support of this day and started giving great deals on their products when bought on this day and they have also made some good amount of money because there are huge numbers of people who go out to shop on this day and do a party with their single friends.

Singles day which has been started from the country China is being slowly accepted by other countries as well and it is really a day which needs to be celebrated around the world.

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